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DevOpSmartBoard – User Capacity


What is User Capacity:

Capacity is the amount of time a team member has to work on the requirement in each sprint. It is important to capture each team member’s expected capacity so you can assign work in sprint planning. Capacity considers a team’s or individual user’s holidays as well as the variation in work hours among the team members. Allows you to organize your work for future Sprints or Iterations team members performing different activities toward the sprint target should be assigned and have available capacity.

We can view User Capacity using the DevOpSmartBoard, which makes it easier for us to see capacity planning for each user depending on sprints. Now, let us talk about how the feature helps us to view User Capacity, to view efforts assigned to users in DevOpSmartBoard firstly you should give the value to effort for the task in Azure Devops, where u can refer the below link for more details.

Set the team sprint capacity in Azure Boards – Azure Boards | Microsoft Learn

Select the Organization and Project you want to view from the DevOpSmartBoard’s home page, select the “User Capacity” feature and click on “Load Report”.

You will land into the page depicted below; select the Iteration and Working Hours and then click on “Get user Capacity”.

Once you have selected Iteration and Working Hours (per day), click on “Get User Capacity” based on the sprint dates it will calculate the Remaining Sprint days and Total Capacity for those days per user. It will display the list of users as well as their Total Remaining Efforts.

If you want to get more information about a specific User’s Capacity click on ‘Arrow’ button it will display the list of projects and teams to which user is assigned within the selected organization, Remaining Effort of each Project or Team and the Total Effort will also be displayed in the report.

In this blog, we discussed how to estimate User Capacity and what User Capacity can do.   For other DevOpSmartBoard related blogs you can click on the given tag  DevOpSmartBoard.



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