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Digital Transformation Case Study:

How Canarys Simplified Digital Transformation Process for India’s Top-Tier Manufacturing Company

Transforming the conventional manufacturing methods was a strategic plan for the client. Here is how Canarys fixed the issue and streamlined digital transformation in a consistent way. 

How Canarys Augemnetd Pharmaceutical Operations and Resolved Dashboard Reliability Issues

About Client

Our client is a reputed Indian multinational aggregate holding organization, having powerful footprints in multiple business domains ranging from IT, automobiles, and retailing to steel and chemicals. Established in 1868, this leading company grew up as one of the World’s most successful corporations, with 100+ firms and a $70+ billion turnover. 

Chain of Challenges

Our client had a few interests in the digitization process within their manufacturing ecosystem. While the company identified the room for digital transformation, it also noticed some major challenging areas, as mentioned in the following.

  • Weak business analysis processes caused faulty insights into the manufacturing and logistics data.
  • Poor management leads to unstructured decision-making.
  • The inefficient manufacturing process and performance are because of inadequate information on the real-time parameters.
  • Remote working and flexible timing are challenging concepts in the manufacturing industry.
  • Due to a weak data security foundation, remote setups are disparate, and the system is incompatible with all network connections.

Areas of Improvement

To streamline the digital transformation journey, our respective client has reached out to Canarys and teamed up with us. Here is how Canarys expertise helped the corporation deal with mentioned challenges –

  • Shorten product manufacturing time cycle
  • Improve data visibility
  • Accelerate overall efficiency
  • Enhance the quality and safety aspects of the manufacturing process. 
The Pragmatic Approach by Canarys

The Pragmatic Approach by Canarys

To step out of the conventional manufacturing methods, our client projected an approach for digital acquisitions. Hence, Canarys was its first reliable and result-assured option for a secured digital journey. To resolve the client’s challenges and obstacles, we offered them some different responses and solutions, such as – 

  • Continuous focus on real-time data integration to track material and process parameters. 
  • Helping the company track more efficient manufacturing processes in real-time. 
  • Helping them identify the areas to deliver quality and capture safety throughout data in different process segments. 
  • Navigating enterprise-level cultural shift with IT.
  • Enhancing customer and dealer experiences through a digital-first mindset.
  • Constructive data security focuses on data security through connectivity. 
  • Reducing data breach possibilities.
  • Helping the company establish better decisions by leveraging insights regarding inbound and outbound data and manufacturing. 

Words of Appreciation

“In our company, we wanted to bring a digital revolution to improve the quality of product manufacturing and data security. To achieve what we envisioned, we contacted Canarys. They brought us a unique set of capabilities, innovation, and technical upsurge to simplify our road of digitization.”

– Head of the Company