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DAPS is vital in enabling digital transformation for businesses all over the world. When implemented into the business infrastructure, DAPs drastically enhance the user and customer experience. They also assist in achieving business objectives like employee productivity, limited support tickets and reduced costs, ease of training, higher customer satisfaction ratings, better trial conversion, and low customer churn.

Canarys Digital Solutions
When Canarys Comes into 
                    the Picture

When Canarys Comes into the Picture

Canarys digitalization focus spans solving traditional as well as modern digital challenges. Our solutions handhold businesses throughout their digital journey – from digitization through digitalization and digital transformation of traditional processes and IT systems. Our solutions recognize and solve modern digital challenges posed by hybrid work conditions, emerging intelligent technologies, sophisticated use of data, and complex collaboration demands within a dynamic enterprise.

We migrate workloads to the cloud, build fully digital enterprise platforms, and integrate disparate systems delivering efficiency, agility, intelligent insights, and increased customer delight.

We streamline the procedure for implementing new technologies and improve digital transformation models for better results. We walk you through various aspects of business digitalization by utilizing multiple applications and integrating seamless tools, software, sites, and tools.

Decamp your worries when you have Canarys!

We provide a series of advanced solutions in combination with digital services, which stands as an innovative solution model for organizations to simplify their in-house grounds.

Integrated Digital Applications and Platforms

Canarys builds customized digital platforms consisting of cloud, mobile, and analytics applications. Such platforms use modular API-first principles, use open, light, highly-available software components and serve many domains, including BFSI, retail, pharma, and manufacturing.

Digital Intelligent Search

Canarys Intelligent Digital Search lets you discover data and knowledge across complex systems and mixed data formats using novel, intelligent algorithms that combine NLP and machine learning.

This replaces traditional keyword-based search, investigates document structures, filters results, and could infer the relation between semantic keywords, delivering deeper insights at higher speeds.

Cloud-Driven Digital Solutions

Companies that successfully adopt cloud-driven solutions can scale faster, develop innovation more seamlessly, and bring new possibilities to meet customers’ expectations while lowering technology risk.

Canarys features purposely designed cloud-based digital solutions that empower hybrid workspaces, improve agility, and support intellectual property-led advancement for businesses. We aid business operations and work processes by anticipating technological advancement.

Hybrid Digital Work Platforms

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the enterprise, and a hybrid working mode is here to stay. Canarys offers the best combination of collaboration, learning, performance management, and security solutions, allowing enterprises to remain productive in challenging times.

Digital Customer Data Platform

Canarys builds data platforms integrating customer behavior from multiple sources and runs intelligent algorithms to produce rich insights into the performance of business processes. The resulting information could augment CRM and other customer-facing systems, help predict customer behavior, and highlight up-sell and cross-sell opportunities. This invaluable platform solution has a high potential to increase revenue and customer delight.

Multi-cloud, Microservices based AIOps

The enterprise digital landscape is becoming complex as digital systems are spread across multiple clouds and platforms. Digital systems themselves are changing over to novel architectures such as microservices. Disparate systems are being integrated, and legacy systems are being transformed.

Digitalization: Our Approach, Your Savior.

Canarys Digital AIOps solution observes dynamic states of various applications, raises timely alerts, takes automated intervention actions, and predicts values of key metrics. It also offers a single glass pane for CIOs to manage the complex ecosystem.

Integrated Agile, DevOps, and ITSM Platforms

Canarys helps software enterprises to run clean software operations predicting and minimizing operational disruptions. This solution integrates information from agile management tools, ITSM platforms, DevOps automation technologies, and project management tools.

It also looks at any software systems from service-oriented departments within the enterprise. Armed with such information and automated scripts, the solution delivers clean, integrated, efficient DevOps.

Data Center Migration Solution

Data center migration powered by Canarys is the process of setting up and migrating the current data center from one operating environment to another without losing any data. This migration procedure is rational and doesn’t involve any mobility.

Canarys provides a series of cloud services, from full-service DevOps management to the critical planning of your cloud migration strategy.

Our project teams can take charge of your transition to the cloud, including the transformation to rapid deployment, planning, and operation, as well as customized automation and support.

Digital Mobility

Canarys Digital Mobility Solutions provides industry-leading, customer-value-driven, and tested digital mobility solutions. By merging enterprises and cloud technologies, we transform businesses, help them offer users a personalized experience, and facilitate better collaboration. To help enterprises modify their mobility strategy, we primarily offer customer-centric, agile, and adaptable solutions. Our team assists companies in providing customers with interactive mobility experiences through all devices thanks to their deep domain experience.

Digital Analytics

For businesses looking to make the most of their digital channels, our Digital Analytics practice offers strategic consulting. The solutions take into account the full spectrum of quantitative and qualitative data to generate observations, analyses, and suggestions that will lead to ongoing business improvement. This results in more confident and sensible business models, which translate to your desired results.

Rethink. Reload. Restructure 
                    with Canarys

Rethink. Reload. Restructure with Canarys

Our tech nerds assist businesses with managing their everyday workloads, accelerating business operations, and satisfying customers’ requirements without undue stress, thanks to their years of technical expertise and proficiency. With Canarys, staying abreast of time is super fun, kudos to the tech updates and support we provide.

Our DAPS digitalization solution is an amalgam of filtered engineering, full-proof strategies, and a fusion of tech and tools that we blend with our expertise and knowledge to fill the digital transformation gap in your enterprise.

Adopting new technology can be difficult and complex. Using new software can bring challenges for your employees and users and may require proper training.

Our specifically designed client-centric non-code DAPS gives users precise guidelines, walk-throughs, and more to help them manage a particular piece of software or future technologies. Our entire team delivers their best to improve businesses’ efforts at digital transformation and make the adoption of cutting-edge technologies easier.

Why Canarys rock!

Adopting digital technologies is the new and effective way to address business complications, drive strategic business goals, and boost productivity. Canarys enables you to achieve business goals by assisting you in increasing the adoption rates of your enterprise software at spectrum, allowing you to get the most out of your software investments.

We developed a platform aiming to boost efficiency at scale while driving the adoption of your organization’s entire technology stack. With Canarys, you can rest assured of a smooth digitalization approach with

  • 1

    Automated Processes

    Automate routine tasks across your business applications to save users’ and employees’ effort and time to concentrate on the most crucial tasks.

  • 2

    Event TwoIndividualized Onboarding

    Getting users up-to-speed on fundamental tasks and systems using your enterprise software model is simple.

  • 3

    User Behavior

    Recognize the software usage habits of your staff and create training programs to help them get the most out of your tech stack.

  • 4

    Self-Service Assistance

    Offer your users access to self-service help within your firmware relevant to their current situation for quick problem-solving.

At Canarys, we cater to our esteemed clients with added perks, including dashboards, analytics support, dynamic walkthroughs, smart notifications and easy access, team spaces paired with in-app notifications, and more. To get most of Cananrys DAPS solutions, let’s grab a cup of coffee with us and discuss.

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