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A data warehouse is a core archive of information that can be examined to help decision-makers become more knowledgeable. Transaction-oriented systems, relational models, and other sources all regularly and continuously feed data into a data warehouse.

DW testing is crucial to ensure data warehouse systems operate accurately and effectively. A data warehouse is tested at three different basic levels:

  • Unit Tests
  • Testing for Integration
  • System Evaluation

Data warehouse testing is an all-inclusive process of constructing and executing extensive test cases to verify their accuracy, precision, reliability, and consistency with the organisation’s data framework.

DW ETL BI Assurance Introduction
An Extra Hint of Assurance

An Extra Hint of Assurance

Due to the growing importance of data analytics and the way complex business insights are discovered under the presumption that data is trustworthy, this is essential for modern business.

When data is in flight during extract, transform, and load (ETL) operations, DW testing addresses the entire data pipeline. It is possible to isolate and resolve problem areas by validating data at intermediate stages.

The testing also includes business intelligence (BI) reports and dashboards that use the consolidated data as their source. After all ETL operations are completed, adding this additional layer of validation confirms the quality of the data.

Data warehouse testing encompasses ETL and BI Testing, the two critical aspects of any warehouse.

Our unique testing process ETL and DWH/BI includes:

  • Data extraction code is granted security access to each source system
  • Updating of extract audit logs and time stamping is accomplished
  • Data can be extracted from each required source field
  • All extraction logic for each source system works as required
  • Source to extraction destination is performing in terms of completeness and accuracy
  • All extractions are completed within the expected timeframe
  • Transaction processes transform the data according to the expected rules and logic
  • One-time transformation for historical initial loads is working
  • Detailed and aggregated data sets are created successfully
  • Transaction audit logs and time stamping are recorded
  • There is no data loss or corruption of data during transformations
  • Transformations are completed within the expected timeframe
  • There is no data loss or corruption during the loading process
  • All modifications during loading work as expected
  • Data sets in staging to loading destination work without data loss
  • Incremental data loads work with change data capture
  • Transaction audit logs and time stamping are recorded
  • Loads are completed within the expected timeframe
  • Hardware components, including storage and memory
  • Operating systems
  • Utilities that support ETLs and BI applications
  • Change data capture (CDC) operations
  • Network and network software
  • OLTP databases
  • Data cleansing tools
  • Metadata application servers
  • OLAP data for BI reports
  • Automated testing tools
  • Database management systems (DBMSs)

BI Applications/Reporting Testing

The front-end BI application is typically a desktop, web, or mobile application, as well as a report. This includes analysis tools and online analytical processing (OLAP) reporting. Applications like these make it easy for end users to construct complex queries for accessing data warehouses without knowing complicated programming languages.

BI Applications/Reporting Testing
End-user reporting

End-user Reporting

End-user reporting is a critical element of any enterprise intelligence project. Report code executes aggregate SQL queries against data marts and/or operational DW tables and displays results in the required format (either in a web browser or on a client application interface).

For each type of report, there are several types of tests to be considered:

  • Verify cross-field and cross-report values
  • Verify cross-references within reports
  • Verify the initialisation of reports
  • Verify input from user options and related output
  • Verify SQL queries used to extract data for reports
  • Verify internal and user-defined sorts
  • Verify that there are no invalid data report fields
  • Verify maximum and minimum field values
  • Verify valid merging of data

Our Deliverables

We carry out complex data warehouse testing to verify that your DWH supports informed business decisions. DWH testing with Canarys entails the following:

ETL testing
ETL testing

If ETL does not function properly, data can be damaged, wrongfully altered, or lost along the way, resulting in misleading insights and poor business decisions.

Our SQL-experienced testing techs take a data-centric approach, validating data throughout every entry point. We identify duplicates and triplicates, look for missing foreign keys, ensure that the transformation follows your business rules, and confirm that source and target data are consistent.

BI Testing

Maintaining data quality throughout is essential to support well-founded strategic decisions. Data integration in OLAP cubes. We ensure that OLAP operations (roll-up, drill-down, slicing and dicing, pivot) function properly.

Data visualisation in dashboards and reports. Our testing engineers compare the data and format in the DWH, as well as the reports and dashboards, to ensure that they provide reliable information. We also analyse the rendering time of your dashboards and reports to verify that it complies with your specifications.

BI Testing
DWH performance evaluation
DWH performance evaluation

Our testing engineers conduct comprehensive performance testing (pressure, load, scalability, and long-term stability subtypes). It is to detect potential bottlenecks and ensure that your data warehouse can handle an influx of visitors and/or a growth of data volume from data sources, as well as multiple user types of activity operations simultaneously.

DWH security testing

Data warehouses encompass sensitive business information (series of reports on employees and clients, enterprise financial records, partner information, and so on) that must be protected. When performing DWH security testing, our engineers will look for:

  • The accuracy of role-based access.
  • The correct implementation of data encryption and decryption by the business.
  • The effectiveness of data backup operations.

Our competent testing specialists will ensure that the data security measures you use to protect your enterprise data proactively, as specified in your security protocols.

DWH security testing

What Makes Canarys Different?

Our unique testing process helps us stand out in making our testing solutions the best. Our methodology combines the industry’s best standards and a custom approach based on specific customer needs.

By optimising years of know-how and skills with a touch of technicalities, we solve enterprise challenges like:

Business accuracy

Some DWH components mandate industry skills for testing. To ensure your solution is fully functional, our testing engineers apply technical competence in 10+ domains, including retail, healthcare, banking and finance, production, and more.

Massive amounts of data and varieties

Canarys offers testing services to ensure that your DWH is operating correctly, business data is secure and unharmed, and that data is adequately incorporated and described in BI reports required for sound business decisions. To discuss our offerings more, reach out to us now!

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