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End to End Testing Using Visual Studio 2010. (Power of Visual Studio-Ultimate for Testing. )



Usage of Manual Test case(MTM) to perform the Load Test using Visual Studio 2010.We call it as End-To-End Testing using Visual Studio 2010.

Tools Used : Visual Studio 2010, TFS 2010, Microsoft Test manager 2010.

Lets get into how to do End-To-End Testing using Visual Studio 2010:

Step 1: Writing a Test case in MTM. I have added few Test Steps as well.

Step 2 : Executing the Test case. Click on Run. Now, you can perform the actions mention in the MTM. Here MTM would capture the actions

Step 3 : Once you are done with recording the Test steps, click on Save & Close. Now you can come back to your Visual Studio 2010-Ultimate. Create a new Test project, add a CodedUI Test, use an existing recording, which we have recorded from MTM(say Test Case 45 in my case)

Step 4 : Now just to verify everything works fine, Run the codedUI test. If you find any errors kindly fix it.

Once the CodedUI test runs successfully, you can add a new Web Test in the Test project solution. The Web Test recorder along with Browser would be launched.

Step 5 : Now here we are not going to record any http/https traffic, instead we would use the steps recorded in MTM. To achieve this we will run the coded UI test. when we run the CodedUI test.

Step 6 : A new Browser would be launched which is embedded with Web Test Recorder

Step 7 : This will play back the CodedUI Script. The conclude the step to achieve it you have to manually hit on the Stop button either on Web Test Recorder or in Visual Studio stop recording.

Now to check if the HTTP/HTTPS hits are working good, run the WebTest. Post successful run you can add new Load test in existing Test Project and Create a Load Test Scenario.

Step 8 : Now run the Load test, for this example I have used 25 virtual user load. Now you can view the summary report of the Load Test Run.

This concludes our End To End Testing using Visual Studio 2010-Ultimate.

Hope this post is useful to you folks.

Happy Testing!

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