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An ERP Transformation: Roadmap to Success

Champion to Spearhead the Transformation

Champion to Spearhead the Transformation

Canarys ERP can transform your business digitally; A robust ERP system can significantly impact modern business and digital transformation. It is a comprehensive system comprising different interconnected enterprise resource planning applications with a single database. Every application focuses on a particular core process required to run a company, including but not limited to manufacturing. Although used to run day-to-day activities, ERP systems are complex systems integrated with the latest technologies, such as process automation and predictive analytics.

What Caters Digital Transformation Requirements?

Is your business suffering from low productivity? Any company’s low-performance indicators are caused due to lack of suitable technology and poor organization processes. Your company’s legacy processes involve distinctive attributes like productivity, employee engagement, overall cost savings, operational efficiency, process management, people management, and overall performance. ERP transformation solution supports the more significant effort to add value to improve business through advanced technology.

Four Phases of a digital transformation:

  • Clean your data.
  • Standardizing Technology Platforms Across Key Applications.
  • Look at your customer, employee, and supplier processes — probably in that order, depending on your business.
  • Build analytics and insights on top of these processes so you can monitor what’s happening in real-time.
Champion to Spearhead the Transformation

Key Transformation Solutions

Key Transformation Solutions

Business Process Transformation

We can help to quickly empower organizations with business process transformation to help optimize processes and drive digital transformation.

Business Model Transformation

The capability of an organization to transform its business model is becoming an increasingly important element to remain competitive because product innovation is insufficient.

Organizational and Cultural Transformation

Company culture is simply the personality of a company coupled with the core values and ethics, which then support that company’s processes and procedures. We assist in Transformation Journey by supporting clientele with Change Management aspects. It can be by providing solutions to the existing roles and responsibilities too.

Digital Transformation

Digitalization is everywhere as the world gets built with the latest technologies daily. As part of this transformation of every technology, Digital Transformation also takes a vital place.

Digital Transformation Effort Technology

  • Manage and optimize your cloud applications and infrastructure
  • Develop a detailed roadmap for your move to the cloud
  • Integrate resiliency planning early in hybrid cloud planning
  • Prepare for the cloud with software-defined networking
  • Optimize your hybrid cloud infrastructure
  • Simplify hybrid cloud IT management
  • Move ERP applications to a managed cloud services provider
  • Simplify development and deployment across multiple clouds
  • Manage application complexity with DevOps
  • Accelerate cloud transformation through IT support optimization
  • Utilize payment plans to overcome cloud budget challenges

Why Canarys

Canary’s commitment to ethics, human rights, and corporate governance is a crucial driver of our business strategy and the foundation for building trust. We are working to embed sustainability into everything we do, with everyone we work with, to create business value and sustainable impact.

Our commitment to ethics, human rights, and strong corporate governance is a crucial driver of our business strategy and is essential to safeguarding our people, clients, brand, and financial performance. It is the foundation on which we build trust.

  • Capabilities
  • Experience
  • Support
  • Canarys supports high-performance and scalable analytics with advanced transformations in ERP.

  • Go-getter individuals with rich experience in the transformation journey of many Industries to current technologies and applications.

  • Support is our duty; we all love solving problems for our customers across the company.

    Preparatory steps for a transformation implementation

    • Creating a budget for transformation implementation
    • Identification of the right supporting hands.
    • Identification of system specialists with transformation expertise.
    • Choosing an internal champion to transform the business model.
    • The right superpower group.

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