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From Secured Migration to Instance Consolidation

With the global tech transformation, enterprises have been looking for innovative and automated development solutions in recent years. As they are flourishing in terms of work processes and customer acquisition, adopting faster migration services is imperative. Consolidating or migrating GitHub Enterprise Instances with Canarys enables businesses of all sizes to shift workloads smoothly.

GitHub Migration Services is a stringent and effective solution that simplifies complexity in the enterprises’ workloads by optimising migration services. Streamlining workload migration to a hybrid environment, GitHub Enterprise Instance Consolidation assists the budding organization in shifting the workload from one place to another within a short time and at a minimal cost. Whether organizations have planned to move from physical-to-virtual or virtual-to-virtual, Migration service makes every technical orchestration possible!

From Secured Migration to Instance Consolidation
Uninterrupted Enterprise Consolidation

Uninterrupted Enterprise Consolidation

Be it a cloud-based application or not, the ultimate concern for budding enterprises is unprecedented challenges. With GitHub Migration Services by Canarys, you can have complete access to highly efficient technical resources and service capabilities that make the migration process hassle-free. We are the one-stop destination for successful Migration Services!

With cloud specialists at Canarys, developing organizations can capitalise on the comprehensive benefits of the migration process more promptly. We are fortunate to have talented and certified tech crats, engineers, and certified experts who help organizations reduce defects and shorten the migration time efficiently.

Our GitHub Enterprise Instance Services have made it possible for start-ups to cut their migration expenditure considerably, boost productivity and significantly lower their physical resource requirements. With proven technical methodologies and modified approaches, Canarys Migration Services offer practical solutions for the highest level and most convenient transformation journey for an enterprise.

Enterprise Migration Strategies

Enterprise Migration Strategies

Moving workloads to a new system demand a dedicated strategy, especially for complex business flows. With the aid of specialised GitHub Enterprise Instance Consolidation experts at Canarys, organizations can now have a validated migration strategy ready!

Migration or GitHub Enterprise Instance Consolidation is the process of migrating instances from the current location and configuration to another place, ideally closer to the developers’ desired production operating environment.

Assess. Upgrade. Transform.

GitHub Enterprise Instance Consolidation allows you to move your GitHub Enterprise instances to a single location and migrate your repositories, issues, and wikis to the new location.

By partnering with us, new and existing enterprises can leverage three potential benefits of GitHub Migration Solutions:

  • Migrate from one GitHub Enterprise Server Instance to another: Having access as both Site Administrators, you can migrate endless repositories from one to another.
  • Migration from GitHub.com to GitHub Enterprise Server Instance: The tech crats of Canarys can help you to transform repositories by accessing the site and target instances.
  • Trial Run: In order to scrutinise the result of Enterprise Server Instnace migration, the migration on a staging instance needs to be performed.
Assess. Upgrade. Transform.
Collaborate to Innovate

Collaborate to Innovate

Expedite workflow migration with Canarys

Migration is just the beginning of process transformation, proceeded by technological orchestration, passionate developers, and process automation. In such instances, Canarys Migration Strategy enables business organizations to put all of the requirements in one place.

Our developers have extensive knowledge of GitHub Enterprise resources. Any growing start-up venture can collaborate with us for simpler migration aligned with advanced monitoring, control over the workflow, and updated features.

Assess. Upgrade. Transform.

Our 360-degree migration solutions

TFS SVN GitLab Assessment

Configuration of GitHub

Actions packages

End-to-end implementation for DevOps

Migration plan

Support for source code migration

Training sessions

Pillars of GitHub Strengths


AAA Workshop


Public Webinars


Migration Support


Fastrack Program


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Our Best Features

Canarys GitHub Migration offer complete independence to export repositories from the enterprise and import it to another VCS.

Our developers can assist with any platform migration, irrespective of target or source repositories.

We are proficient in migration with reduced downtime keeping data and operation processes normal.

Canarys ensure complete data security due to our encrypted safety protocols and stringent security infrastructure.

Assess. Upgrade. Transform.

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