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How to Archive/Restore a Project in Jira Software.


Ever wondered how to optimize the Jira instance, by archiving the completed or In-Active projects. It’s always a good practice to archive inactive or completed projects so they don’t clutter your Jira instance. Fewer projects may also mean better performance, easy maintenance, and happy administration.

 In this blog we will see in detail, how to archive a JIRA project.

Step by step guide to Archive/Restore a Project in Jira Software

You should be a part of Jira Software Users Group and you need to be a Trusted User/Site Admin to archive/restore a project.

Even though you are a Project Admin, if you are not a Trusted User/Site Admin you will not be able to archive/restore a project.

To archive a project, Please navigate to all projects section.

Search for the Project that you want to Archive and from the more options click on Archive.

Once the Project is Archived, if the users try to access the project then they will see “This project has been archived” message as shown below.

Users will be able to still search for the individual issues using key and once they open it, they will see “This issue can’t be edited” message.

Note: We cannot query multiple issues using issue Keys.

When you try to use JQL the below message will be shown.

To restore an archived project, click on settings and select projects section.

On the Left-Hand Side, you will see an option called Archive and once you click on it, you will see list of Archived Projects.

Under the 3-elipses(…) you will see option to restore, once you click on it, the project will be restored and will be shown under the projects list.


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