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Identify and stop idle Dynamics NAV sessions using User Session Control Addon


Since the advent of RTC clients and 3-tier architecture of Dynamics NAV, it’s been a question in the minds of thousands of NAV developers as well as end-users, that how to find out the idle time of the users connected to the service tier. There were some add-on solutions available in the market prior to the newer versions of Dynamics NAV, which people used to identify and stop idle user sessions. But, now these add-ons were no more able to do it, because the architecture changed and the way the idle session data was available in Dynamics NAV had also changed with it.

We too obviously were not able to get these details. So, I tried to dig into the matter and see if any alternative means are available to get the idle time of connections made to the NAV service tier. While surfing through any available techniques, we came across the Dynamics NAV profiler, through which the developers can find out which user is doing what through the service tier. We utilized this profiler to capture activity data in the service tier. This when used in the reverse, can generate idle time for connected users.

We have revived the Dynamics NAV Add-on for User Session Control using this technique. Now User Session Control again can capture user idle time and can stop unused sessions, the way it was doing for the earlier versions of NAV. 


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