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We ensure seamless application speed and performance through the application of our end-to-end IoT testing services.

Context of IoT Testing

Whether you’re a device manufacturer, vendor, or solution provider, aid the best-in-industry solutions by Canarys that will help you turn your IoT initiatives to market more quickly and safely.

IoT testing aims to determine IoT devices’ functionality, security, and performance. Before launching your IoT device on the market, ensure that it is capable of transmitting sensitive information wirelessly. Many IoT businesses depend on IoT automation, penetration, and performance testing tools to identify defects before launching them to the public.

Context of IoT Testing
When Canarys Come into Action...

When Canarys Come into Action…

Our enterprise IoT architecture is grounded on the cloud system, and our IoT Testing solutions integrate robust digital QA and test automation capabilities. This incorporates every aspect of your IoT initiatives and provides continuous validation and verification for all kinds of use cases and functional areas, allowing you to assess performance and functionality accurately.

Are your IoT devices secure and equipped to address the complexities associated with:

  • Data security
  • Access management
  • 3rd-party data sharing
  • Hardware challenges
  • Security threats
  • Compliance requirements
  • Integration management
  • Validation

Having years of booming experience in IoT and its disciplines, Canarys hold the expertise to deliver mind-bending solutions and provide clients with comprehensive and high-quality IoT testing services.

To make your IoT devices function and interconnect seamlessly, quality and performance work as the keystones. At Canarys, we run end-to-end IoT testing to ensure its cross-platform functionality in several platforms.

Canarys Profile

We have the experience that articulates our quality of service and is your go-to associate for IoT testing services and solutions.

We have a team of IoT-skilled ninjas/heads, a sturdy IoT testing infrastructure (labs, simulators, test racks, etc.), and Canarys’ skill set in IoT app Testing as a Service (TaaS) that supports real-time testing of Big Data, IoT Security, Compatibility, Performance, Regulatory, Reliability, Pilot, Usability, Upgrade, and smart devices in a dynamic ecosystem (RFID, Sensors).

Canarys Profile
Our Offerings

Our Offerings

The IoT-experienced testers at Canarys have worked with a wide range of IoT network protocols, including Bluetooth, 6LoWPAN, Thread, Wi-Fi, Zigbee, Z-Wave, Cellular, NFC, SIGFOX, Neul, LoRaWAN, and others. Businesses rely on the following services from us to successfully cope with the complexity of IoT testing and move ahead in their digital transformation journeys:

  • Identifying different domains depending on multiple conformance standards
  • Infrastructure, network, and system setup
  • Use case template creation based on vertical requirements
  • Strong frameworks for test automation and test case libraries
  • The installation of network and system infrastructure
  • Domains verification is conducted using various conformance standards use case template creation using real-time data streaming from sensors/devices.

Testing in real time using virtualisation (for instance, in an intelligent parking management system) & simulation of different devices, vehicles, etc., that aid in testing smart things in a dynamic environment (RFIDS, Sensors, and Devices).

You Are Our Top Priority

It takes a very specialised set of skills, experience, and deep understanding to test Internet of Things devices because the process is complex. With our unique IoT assurance solution, get an edge over the competition.

Our top priorities are to safeguard the calibre of your IoT products and protect your company. We concentrate on the four essential components that will enable you to efficiently and precisely deliver what you require at the moment in time. At Canarys, we set our benchmark in delivering –

Traditional AI, ML Solutions

Optimal Risk Management

Decide what to test precisely. Based on time, expense, and quality, determine your risk profile.

Generative AI Solutions

Better Automation

Test the essential business procedures in no time. Quick and simple maintenance.

Big Data and Analytics

Effective Analytics

We shift our methodologies based on learning and growth measurements. Find obstacles and streamline processes.

Big Data and Analytics

Enhanced Performance

Amplify end-user experience and effectiveness regression testing across platforms.

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