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Transforming Banking Operations: How Canarys DevOps Solutions Cut Deployment Efforts by 80% Complex Products 

Canarys helped one of India’s leading banking organizations switch their banking service behavior by reducing the most stringent business challenges and helped them reduce 80% of deployment efforts on complex products by implementing automation and a flexible DevOps model.  

Transforming Banking Operations: How Canarys DevOps Solutions Cut Deployment Efforts by 80% Complex Products 

About The Client

Our prestigious client is India’s top-ranked banking and financial service facilities provider by market capitalization. To streamline their areas of the corporate and personal banking process, life insurance, investment banking, etc., they approached Canarys to transform their applications deployment Operations model. 

To respond to their call for change, the Canarys team brings an end-to-end transforming solution with an enhanced experience.

The Challenge Graph

The lack of upgrades, automation, and technology in our client’s present delivery channels and conventional application settings has raised a series of complications for the firm.

  • Its internal team failed to outline codes for bug issues like Prod or UAT
  • The time-consuming manual application lifecycle model
  • Manual code reviews and other manual jobs made communicating and releasing approvals difficult for the team.

Scope of Improvement

Canarys is constantly attempting to support the national economy by providing technological and IT support through DevOps, cloud transformation, and modern application solutions. In this case, we offered the top-tier banking company a custom solution that effectively –

  • Pre-detects vulnerability of the code
  • Reduces the lead time
  • Avoids manual interventions

Cloud Integrated Strategic Solutions

Since the banking firm wanted a single collaborative platform for requesting approval, code review, assignment, and work status follow-up, the Canarys team implemented Azure DevOps powered by AAD. Our bespoke solution ensures zero maintenance and low infrastructure costs for the company by providing easy-to-use UI and excellent serviceability.

Business Benefits of Transformative Solution

This high-end DevOps practice transformation highlighted an accelerated rise in the team productivity of reputed clients. After teaming up with Canarys, the baking institute has decommissioned manual assignments and adapted automation. It is now less prone to human errors and more transparent with improved availability. 

The company has reduced

The company has reduced

Using Run Fortify and SonarQube helped save

minutes for code analysis.

Oracle DB deployment by CD pipelines powered by PowerShell scripts helps reduce deployment time by


It has accelerated faster time to market with

of satisfied customers. 

Words of our client’s success

“Since we teamed up with Canarys, our firm has been delivering greater customer satisfaction by optimizing its seamless and faster automation solution. Now, our end-to-end customer service consumes less queuing time and offers better assistance.” 

– Head of the Company