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Manage My SMS

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Stay organized with your SMS messages into folders like Personal, Updates, Promotions, Home, Office, Friends, Bank, Junk etc for free.
This app is compatible with all of your Android devices & Free


Stay organized with your SMS messages by automatically moving them into folders like Personal, Updates, Promotions, Home, Office, Friends, Bank, Junk etc. Install this app and let the app – “Manage Your SMS” messages – Effortlessly!

This app is very easy to use, intuitive and comes with a completely revamped UI. The installation is simple and straightforward. On the first launch, the app organizes your SMS messages into default folders – Personal, Updates and Promotions. Additional folders can be created, rules configured and password protected to further organize the messages.

  • Salient features:
  1. The app can read out the messages for you
  2. Delete selected messages in the conversation in one go
  3. Automatic alphabet based dynamic image for the users instead of the default image
  4. Group your messages automatically into folders
  5. Create folders and password protect the messages in the folder
  6. Send regular or scheduled messages
  7. View / move messages into designated folders by the conversation thread
  8. Call the Sender from the message conversation thread
  9. Backup / Restore your messages to another Android device
  10. Search messages by keywords
  11. Easily reply to messages using quick text
  12. Set message Rules to move conversations to desired folder

What’s New?
• Automatic emailing of missed calls and messages received on your phone
• Minor defects fixed

Things to remember:
• Disable your default message notifications to receive notifications only from this app.
• Delete your SMS messages from the default message app to effectively manage the message protection.

We welcome your feedback, questions and suggestions for improving ManageMySMS at

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