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Managing your text messaging with Manage My SMS


Have you ever been bothered by the bank notifications, payment reminders, lottery wins on your mobile phone and wondered whether there was any easy way you could take control?

Or have you thought of safeguarding some of the key messages, may be, balance notifications from your bank, special messages from your special someone and other messages you would not want someone else to have access?

Or have you ever felt there was some way to access the call details and text messages on your mobile phone left behind at home or elsewhere?

Or wanted some easy way to transfer all your text messages from your old mobile phone to the brand new one without the pain?

If any of your answers to the above questions was in the affirmative, then you now have a solution available at zero cost to you. Sounds unbelievable? Read on.

Manage My SMS














The Android Mobile app Manage My SMS developed by Canarys packs a punch with innumerable interesting features to simplify, control and manage your texting requirements. Here we go.

Message Folder Features

When the app is installed and run for the very first time, it will read all the messages from the default messaging app and segregate the same into three default system folders namely Personal, Updates and Promotions. Even if you choose to not do anything more, the new messages will continue to be segregated into one of these folders so that you could deal with them at leisure.

You can use the Create Folders feature to create your own custom folders and set your rules to move the messages into them. The easiest way for setting the rule is to select a message and move it to the desired folder using the long press and selecting the Move option. The app would create the rule internally and move the message conforming to the set rules automatically to the target folder.

In case some of the folders contain sensitive messages, you have an option to password protect and hide the folder using the Hide Folders feature so that it is kept out of reach for the unauthorized. Since the password protected folders are invisible, the intruder would not know the existence of this folder and cannot access the contents.

The folders are displayed as tabs and allows easy access to the messages contained in them.

Messaging Features

The app has the standard message send and receive features found it most of the messaging apps that allows you to send text of any length to one or more recipients. You can also locate the required messages using the search feature. If your contact does not have a profile picture, the app generates a beautiful automatic alphabet based dynamic image for them.

Apart from that, there is also the Schedule Message feature for the busy and the absent-minded. If you do not want to miss messaging anyone for an important event and there is a likelihood of forgetting it, you could compose the message in advance and schedule it to be sent at the designated date and time to the recipient(s). The app would automatically send the messages at the scheduled time.

Quick Text is an interesting feature using which you can send quick replies to the messages you have received by picking one of the pre-defined messages. You can create and store unlimited number of quick text to be used for instantly replying to text messages. The Quick Text feature can be used from the displayed message window without the need for launching the app.

If you are feeling lazy to read the messages received on your phone, the app can read out the messages for you. You will need to long press on the message in the conversation and choose the option Read Message.

The messages can be forwarded to other members via text messaging or shared using social networking apps.

Special Features

The Manage My SMS has a new feature Email Notification which allows you to stay updated on the calls and messages received on your phone that was left behind inadvertently at home or elsewhere, without having to depend on anyone else. This feature requires you to perform a one-time configuration of the email profile for sending and receiving emails. The feature requires internet access on the mobile device.

The feature can be activated by sending a message START EMAIL from any mobile phone to your phone. When the feature is activated, you will receive an automated confirmation message.

Once the feature is activated, the app will send an automated email to you with the details of all the missed calls and the text from the text messages received until the feature activation. The app will keep sending you emails with the new call details and messages whenever they are received.

The feature can be deactivated by sending a message STOP EMAIL from any mobile phone to your phone. You will receive an automated confirmation message when the feature is deactivated. The feature can also be deactivated manually by de-selecting the Email Notification Active option.

Administration Features

The SMS Backup and SMS Restore features under the Settings menu can be used to back up all the messages from one device and transfer to another device. The backup file can be password protected to prevent misuse. This is a great feature to use when you have bought a new mobile phone and need to transfer all the text messages from the old phone to the new one.

The app also provides options to enable new message notification for the selected folders, enable display of notifications on the status bar, enable pop-up notifications and enable message delivery notifications.

Manage My SMS can simplify your message management. Download the app today from the Google Play Store from the link . Alternatively, you can scan the QR code below and access the Play Store to download the app.

Manage My SMS QR Code

Please remember to set Manage My SMS app as the default messaging app (Kitkat and above) in your mobile device.

Write to us on with your wishlist of features to include in the app and / or reviews on the existing features. Happy messaging.

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