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Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 R2 Chart Generator


In general chart means visual display of information, this is one such feature that is introduced in the new release of Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 R2 where the data can be visualized as per the user need. When the data are very complex then the user can view a visual representation of the data helping to see the trends and make decisions.

For example: – The user wants to keep track of the customer based on the country from where they originate. User can easily track the customer when they see the chart of data. The Methods to display the chart are as follows:-

  • Role Center
  • List place

Steps to display the chart in Role Center Page:-

  • In the Role Center Page click on the triangle which is present in the upper leftmost part of  the page

Role Center Page

  • Select  Customize —-> Customize This Page


  • It opens the page “Customize Role Center”. In the option “Available Parts” select Chart Part and then click on the button “Add>>” and another button called “Blank Chart” will be displayed automatically in the option “Role Center Layout” and click on the button “Customize Chart”.

Customize Role Center

  • It redirects to the page “Customize Chart” there the user can select the type of chart which they like to see in the “Role Center Page” and then click “OK”.

Customize Chart

  • The selected chart will be displayed in the page “Customize Role Center” in the option “Role Center Layout” at the bottom and the order in which the pages must be displayed on the “Role Center Page “ can be done by using the buttons “Move Up” and “Move Down “and then click “OK” .

Customize Role Center

  • After this page will be displayed on the “Role Center Page “and the user can also experiences the 3D motion by dragging and pulling on the chart.

Role Center Page

Steps to display the chart in List Place:-

  • In the “Role Center Page” select “Departments” in the lower leftmost part of the page.

Role Center Page

  • And select any of the Department and then select Lists.


  • In that select any of the list page and it opens that page and in that select the “Show as charts” which will be present in the upper part of the page.

Show as charts

  • It redirects to the place where it gives the option to select the parameters for X, Y and Z axis.

X, Y and Z axis

  • After selecting the axis it will display the chart.


I hope you will find this blog useful.

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