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Mr. Nagaraj Bhairaji

Vice President – Digital DevOps

Nagaraj is a Senior Leader with over 15 years of experience in Project Management, Software Engineering processes, DevOps, and SDLC. Throughout his career, he has been at the forefront of technological adoptions to the latest and innovative technologies. In his 13+ years at Canarys, Nagaraj has handled multiple roles, from managing software projects to developing DevOps solutions and building large teams to implement End-to-End DevOps for enterprise accounts. Prior to joining Canarys, Nagaraj worked on various development projects as a developer.

Nagaraj is a DevOps certified professional and has spoken about ALM, Agile, and DevOps on various forums like Microsoft Tech-Ed, GitHub, and other Microsoft events. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering.

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