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Overview of Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013


What is CRM


Today’s world is fast changing and full of challenges, which fundamentally changed the way people do business. Every organization has different teams of people who put their efforts to make strategies and execute them to build a successful business by focusing on three fundamental areas known as Marketing-Sales-Services. Through Customer Relationship Management you can reduce cost and increase profitability by organizing and automating business processes. It helps you to earn customer satisfaction and loyalty. With Microsoft Dynamics CRM you can deploy both on-premises and cloud based CRM solutions to address unique business requirement of your customer. Microsoft Dynamics CRM also offers mobile CRM application so that you can manage your customer relationship on mobile devices by integrating data and reporting from social media into CRM application directly.

How does it work


Customer Relationship Management (known as CRM across the industry) provides a central platform to host and share data, so that teams (Marketing-Sales-Services) can concentrate on the most important thing of your business: ‘Customer’. CRM enable your teams to collaborate and co-operate with each other, with sharing capabilities to real-time account data, news, social activity and connection information.

Grow with your customer


The mantra of a successful business always revolve around the relationship you are able to build with your customer. From the growth point of view, you need new customers and that again depends how well the existing customers are growing with you.  With the powerful analytics of CRM, you can easily target and categories your customers, understand their needs, and deal with them at the right time with most appropriate response.  

What’s New

Go Social


With Enterprise social from Microsoft, you can engage with your stakeholders more quickly and effectively. Listen to your customers to uncover the trends, collaborate with people quickly and easily to work together and achieve the goal.



Microsoft Dynamics CRM enables you to easily configure and customize the system, to fit with the business needs. Through a process oriented user experience and visual designer you can build an agile business model. Microsoft Dynamics CRM provides an open technology platform that can be used to unify various technologies. This includes a vast array of Microsoft and non-Microsoft applications that developers can integrate with your system using .net and many other open technologies. Microsoft Dynamics CRM delivers a robust application framework, so that you can build additional lines of business logic by extending CRM base classes. This way, you can enhance the value of your deployment, accelerate delivery in accordance with business relevance and improve operational excellence. 

Improved User Interface


One of the most important changes in latest release of Microsoft Dynamics CRM is the user experience re-imagined. Changes has been made from menu structure and screen display to pop-ups and activity.

·         New navigation model has been structured in a way that, it appears only when required and release lot more space for data display and data entry.

·         New data can be added quickly and easily by using Quick Create option available on the top navigation bar.

·         Quick View forms are introduced to display summarized data, so that you can have your customer data always at your fingertips.

·         You can span multiple entities through a single process. Start with creating a new Lead and roam to Opportunity to Quote to Order. This includes custom entities as well. The process helps user navigate across multiple records within the context of the desired outcome.

·         New color scheme improves readability of the menu options.

·         The Tile shaped menu options provide a more reliable user interface for touch enabled devices.  

CRM on the Go


Microsoft Dynamics CRM offers a Powerful mobile and tablet application that keeps salesperson connected to data, team members and customers. Arrive prepared to every appointment and update your notes, tasks, contacts, accounts, and leads while the details are still fresh in your mind. Data is cached for offline viewing so that you can still access important data if connectivity is lost.

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