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payroll addon

Built on Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Canarys NAV Payroll add-on, is a suite of products built using and extending Microsoft Dynamics NAV Human Resources module. Our Payroll add-on ensures the software components are designed to meet companies’ needs as well as providing secure long-term investments. Our solution enables you to efficiently and effectively direct and manage your standard HR and Payroll functions from managing staff to analyzing all commercial and non-commercial information until separation. A key benefit for Canarys NAV Payroll add-on is it’s tight integration with Microsoft Dynamics NAV all current versions.

Other feature highlights are:


  • Define unlimited number of earnings, deductions, company loan items and reimbursable items
  • Define your pay periods / cycles
  • Calculate all your items the way you like; attach your own formulae to individual items, employee specific, grade specific, category specific, department specific, organization wide and so on..
  • Enter, import or integrate Timesheets with third party biometric devices
  • Calculate and post all employee salary components and create liabilities for payment
  • Calculate and post employer expenses to G/L
  • Built-in localized taxation for India

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