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We make sure all apps meet pace, resilience, and scalability requirements.

Deploy Professional Performance Testing Methods By Professionals

Performance testing services for software and applications ensure the stability of the system and smooth functioning under anticipated, uninterrupted, and stressful oodles.

The performance testing experts at Canarys use and implement tried-and-true tools to substantiate the solution’s performance metrics and present a broad overview of its performance and effectiveness.

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High-quality Performance Testing At Peak!

High-quality Performance Testing At Peak!

Performance Testing is form testing that focuses on evaluating system performance during load and stress. The main difference between other testing and performance testing is, in performance testing, that the primary focus is on system stability, not on finding bugs.

The performance testing offered by Canarys includes capacity planning, baseline testing, load, stress, endurance, and performance measures against competitors, as well as production monitoring and advisory. Our major points of difference in performance testing encompass the following:

  • Comprehensive analysis and productivity improvement advice
  • A cost-effective model with pay-as-you-go options
  • Certified Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) with a strong background in commercial off-the-shelf (COTS)/open-source tools and application technologies
  • Collaborations and associations that allow for the recommendation of appropriate tools, solutions, and R&D initiatives

Bespoke Practices and Methodologies

Canarys follows tailor-made practices that fit the current agile market trends. Canarys believes in the collection of repeated and smaller tests:

  • Test as early as possible in development. Do not wait and rush performance testing as the project winds down.
  • Performance testing isn’t just for completed projects. There is value in testing individual units or modules.
  • Conduct multiple performance tests to ensure consistent findings and determine metrics averages.
  • Applications often involve multiple systems, such as databases, servers, and services. Test the individual units separately as well as together.
Bespoke Practices and Methodologies

Well-constructed Strategy

Canarys has an extensive talent pool with 50+ testers and, partnered with Lambdatest, is adept in offering comprehensive performance test solutions to its client and customers. Canarys provides the following types of performance testing solutions:

Load testing

Load testing measures system performance as the workload increases. That workload could mean concurrent users or transactions. The system is monitored to measure response time and system staying power as the workload increases. That workload falls within the parameters of normal working conditions.

Stress testing

Unlike load testing, stress testing — also known as fatigue testing — is meant to measure system performance outside the parameters of normal working conditions. The software is given more users or transactions that can be handled. The goal of stress testing is to measure the software’s stability. At what point does software fail, and how does the software recover from failure?

Spike testing

Spike testing is a type of stress testing that evaluates software performance when workloads are substantially increased quickly and repeatedly. The workload is beyond normal expectations for short amounts of time.

Endurance testing

also known as soak testing — is an evaluation of how the software performs with an average workload over an extended amount of time. The goal of endurance testing is to check for system problems, such as memory leaks. (A memory leak occurs when a system fails to release discarded memory. The memory leak can impair system performance or cause it to fail.)

Scalability testing

Scalability testing is used to determine if the software is effectively handling increasing workloads. This can be determined by gradually adding to the user load or data volume while monitoring system performance. Also, the workload may stay at the same level while resources such as CPUs and memory are changed.

Volume testing

Volume testing determines how efficiently software performs with large projected amounts of data. It is also known as flood testing because the test floods the system with data.

Ultra Conscious Canarys

Canarys provides the following metrics as performance test deliverables:

Response Time

Total time to send a request and get a response.

Wait Time

Also known as average latency, this tells developers how long it takes to receive the first byte after the request is sent.

Average Load Time

The average amount of time it takes to deliver every request is a major indicator of quality from the user’s perspective.

Average Load Time

The average amount of time it takes to deliver every request is a major indicator of quality from the user’s perspective.

Peak Response Time

This is the measurement of the longest amount of time it takes to fulfil a request. A peak response time that is significantly longer than any average may indicate an anomaly that will create problems.

Error Rate

This calculation is a percentage of requests resulting in errors compared to all requests. These errors usually occur when the load exceeds the capacity.

Concurrent Users

This is the most common measure of load — how many active users are at any point. Also known as load size.

Requests per second

How many requests are handled per second?

Transactions Passed/Failed

A measurement of the total number of successful or unsuccessful requests.


Measured by kilobytes per second, throughput shows the amount of bandwidth used during the test.

CPU Utilization

How much time the CPU needs to process requests?

Memory Utilization

How much memory is necessary to process the request?

We Guarantee the Safety of the Software!

The team of Performance Testing engineers and technocrats at Canarys have decades of experience delivering cutting-edge services to national and overseas clients.

Our Performance Testing practice includes client-server, web, distributed, mobile, and cloud databases, high-volume transaction structures, and uber-complicated applications. Our in-house team of excellence delivers end-to-end testing solutions to fine-tune the performance and assist our clientele in launching future-proof applications with extreme responsiveness, ease of access, and scalability.

We Guarantee the Safety of the Software!
Safe Testing Phrases - We Commit!

Safe Testing Phrases – We Commit!

Unlike other Performance Testing providers, we sidestep complex scripting or the lengthy development of complex scenarios, allowing organizations to deviate into betterment easily.

And, while we specialise in designing and delivering performance test scripts and metrics based on open-source platforms, ‘one-size-fits-all’ is never an option for Canarys. Our client-focused solutions adapt to all enterprise needs, not the other way around.

Our experts ensure that the application will not go off the track even if the traffic spikes to thousands per hour. As a top-tier performance testing provider, Canarys can validate every software’s speed, stability, and scalability under varying loads.

Welcome Some Rewards As Well

Welcome Some Rewards As Well

As a dedicated performance testing provider, our company specializes in testing various types of software. And our testing solutions drive along some fringe benefits, including –

  • Cost savings on the project budget as an outcome of early detection of performance glitches and bottlenecks.
  • The re-usability of our performance testing suite saved time and money.
  • Due to performance testing best practices and a clear and comprehensive test report, zero software performance drops in production.
  • High user adoption and satisfaction rates due to validated software stabilization under stress and peak load.

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