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Phenomenal growth of Microsoft Dynamics NAV


There has been phenomenal growth in terms of organizations adopting Microsoft Dynamics NAV in the last couple of years, specifically last year, i.e. 2014. See the graphs showing a comparison of the number of customers using Microsoft Dynamics suite of products, including, NAV, AX, SL, GP and CRM for two consecutive years, 2013 and 2014. 

* The data is used from what Microsoft declared in Convergence 2014.



Graph image source:

It shows that the growth of NAV implementations compared to other Dynamics products was double if compared to the closest competitor, i.e. AX (8000 vs 4000). From another angle, this is twice as many additions as compared to Dynamics GP, and eight times as compared to Dynamics AX.

I would like to highlight a few major reasons, which I think has immense contribution to the sharp rise of particularly Dynamics NAV, I mean, what goes well with our customers.

First and foremost; in most parts of the globe, SMBs and SMEs are very cost sensitive, and Dynamics NAV pricing is just the right fit. It’s not only about the license prices, it is also about what you get with that price. Dynamics NAV provides almost all of the standard business functions which are frequently used by the SMBs and SMEs, out of the box. This makes Dynamics NAV quickly implementable.

Another reason I see is the flexibility of extending Dynamics NAV to fit to customers’ specific business process requirements. The customization of Dynamics NAV is pretty simple and easy for the developers. So, customers are rest assured that any change they need in the standard product can be accomplished by the implementing partners effectively, and more importantly, very quickly.

The other thing that comes to mind is the adaptability of the product by the users. The development team of Microsoft Dynamics NAV has till now done a very good job, in keeping the user interfaces very simple and conventional, so the learning curve for any user (accustomed to using Windows applications) is very low.

Finally, the integration of Dynamics NAV with other Windows based day-to-day use applications, like Word, Excel, etc., cannot be matched by any other existing ERP products. Full marks to the team for building these wonderful integration points into the product.

So, if you are looking at implementing some ERP solution in your organization, Dynamics NAV is definitely a very good choice.

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