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Mr. Pushparaj Shetty

Director – Telemetry 

Mr. Pushparaj, a firm believer in “our work speaks”, reflecting the value of leadership and professionalism to accelerate organizational growth to a new height. Under his leadership and direction, Canarys has successfully deployed IoT driven water management facilities nationwide. As an experienced technologist and business leader, he has been resourcefully introduced technology in Water resources domain, helping irrigation organisations achieve Irrigation water use efficiency, using technology for yield assessment in river basin, and risk assessment of flooding areas, along rivers with multiple barrages and reservoirs.

With a combination of Masters in Business Administration, and a passionate Engineer, he advocates simplified presentation of issues, problems and challenges. A continuous learner and a technology confidant, he has made a scientific contribution to numerous river water management organisations. He is a coach and a panel member in autonomous water resources bodies and associations.

At Canarys, Pushparaj is currently in charge of many critical on going works, including interstate water sharing based on volumetric measurement and the latest being- Flood Early Warning System ( FEWS).

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