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Report scheduling with Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2015


Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2015 has introduced a simple way to automatically running reports at desired intervals with the report scheduling option. The report scheduler runs the report in the NAV server and saves the output in PDF, Word or Excel format. You can also see the generated report in the new “Report Inbox” pane introduced in the Role Center page. With the report scheduler you can:

1.       Schedule resource intensive reports at times of less usage of the server 

2.       Run reports on the NAV server, instead of the client

3.       Save the report in desired format


Configure the Report Scheduler in NAV 2015


1.       Open Job Queue Category List  from Departments/Administration/Application Setup/Job Queue/Job Queue Category List

2.       Click on New and setup a new Job Queue Category


3.       Open Job Queues from Departments/Administration/Application Setup/Job Queue/Job Queues

4.       Click on New and setup a new Job Queue.


5.       Enter a Code, Description and select the Job Queue Category you have created in step #2 in the Job Queue Category Filter field.

6.       Select the NAV Server instance, where you would like to run the report. 



7.       You can start / stop your Job Queue by clicking on the Actions available on the Ribbon, under the Process category.


8.       The setup for the report scheduling is done with the above step. You can run any report from the Windows, Web or Tablet Client and schedule the report at your desired date and time.

9.       You will find the report inside the new Fact box, Report Inbox.



10.       Click on the Report row to view the contents. 


It’s a nice and handy feature to schedule your long-running reports, process-only reports, etc. to run at times, when your server is idle.

Note: The Job Queue Category and the NAV Server instance fields are mandatory to enable NAV to run the scheduled report.


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