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We help improve efficiency and productivity with assured Robot Process Automation.

Nowadays, quality assurance is dragging substantial awareness due to market demand for new launches, product offerings, and service excellence. To accelerate the time to market and quality output, enterprises need more than just agile delivery; they need pervasive process automation that minimizes errors and optimizes processes.

This viewpoint explains the strategy for end-to-end testing of robotic process automation (RPA) implementation that will help organizations benefit from shorter turnaround times, higher efficiency, and better accuracy.

RPA Assurance
Canarys offers a holistic test strategy for RPA implementation

Canarys offers a holistic test strategy for RPA implementation.

  • Identify repetitive tasks the QA team performs that can be optimized by implementing RPA.
  • Identify Manual and Automated testing requirements for each process.
  • Select only the applications, actions, and outputs that the RPA bot impacts or generates rather than testing the entire process.
  • Enable end-to-end automation scripting by combining various open-source test tools and licensed tools.
  • Develop a single automation script to create test data, execute bots, and validate across all impacted systems/applications.
  • The automation script can be re-used for high-level environments such as system integration testing (SIT) and user acceptance testing (UAT).

Explore Canarys Step-by-step RPA Assurance Closely

Precondition check/test data creation
  • The QA team activates the automation script.
  • An automation script scoops up the test data (test data buildup also gets automated everywhere possible).
Bot execution
  • From the control hub, a Bot gets triggered or activated by an automation script through a job.
  • The RPA process is started, and actions are carried out in line with the order specified in the RPA process flow.
  • If RPA is successful, the automation script acknowledges App3 output (desktop app, web page, or DB).
  • Similar to step 5, depending on the various outputs or actions of the bot.
  • A test report is produced by automation code for review.
Strengthen End-to-End QA with Canarys RPA

Strengthen End-to-End QA with Canarys RPA

All digitally or virtually operated businesses require a constant light on their operations, infrastructure, and customer-centric applications. Thus, quality assurance of modern applications or systems like RPA is a big step a business needs to satisfy customers and stakeholders and deliver desired outcomes, and not so much about testing software applications.

Canarys is a leading business solution provider in the technical domain that comes with an innovative and unmatched suite of solutions to enable organizations to offer best-in-class IT application quality and superior client service.

We apply cognitive thinking and a lifecycle approach to automate Quality Assurance through AI and automation. Our RPA Assurance solution enables constructive protection, scanning issues prior to having an impact on business operations. With this model, assurance becomes significantly more enterprise-driven and diligent.

Overall, it is cost-effective because it is coherent, scalable, and versatile. It allows for greater transparency.

Automate. Assure. Apply.

  • Use intelligent tools to automate tedious and repetitive Quality Assurance tasks.
  • QA Testing reusable automation libraries to enable software optimization.
  • Leverage Utilizing low-code bots, you can manage effective and compliant technology testing.
  • Track and plan the distributed execution of automated tests to keep the quality in check.
  • Create, manage, and re-use test data for ongoing quality assurance of any technology.
  • Improve the durability of your digital operations by analyzing in-depth test result logs.
Automate. Assure. Apply.

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