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SAP Cloud Application Services helps optimize business outcomes by supporting the adoption of operation and innovation.

Integrate To Proliferate

Worldwide, there is a growing demand for faster production cycles among application developers. By doing this, they aim to reach more users in a short span.

Traditionally, this focus on a quick time to market, which degrades the application’s quality in the long term. Due to the rushed and compressed deadlines, only a few developers guarantee a comparatively error-free codebase.

However, to address this concern, SAP introduced an innovative and way more practical Cloud Application Programming Model— a framework of languages, libraries, and tools— for creating enterprise-level solutions and applications—known as the Cloud Application Programming Model.

On the other hand, the SAP liberates developers from the worry of emerging technologies and their relative compatibility in an era of rapid technological change by allowing them to work at a higher abstraction level than they would with conventional technology platforms and frameworks.

As a result, developers can create applications more inclined to be adopted by end users by emphasizing the application’s business features and the tasks it is expected to accomplish for the user. In light of this, the agile methodology would work very well with this approach.

Integrate To Proliferate
System. Application. Perfection.

System. Application. Perfection.

Offerings by SAP Cloud Application Services assist in running and managing an enterprise’s private and public cloud solutions, helping the businessperson concentrate on the best moves.

  • Arrange applications across all SAP cloud solutions, including hyper-scale, hybrid, and multi-cloud use cases.
  • Increase the effectiveness of IT operations by securing and improving key business processes.
  • Utilize straightforward procedures and quickly drive innovation by immediately bringing novel concepts to market.

The cloud experts of Canarys have served hundreds of clients and companies worldwide in accumulating the power of SAP cloud applications and solutions by implementing years of expertise. We guarantee uber-profitable benefits from our knowledge and experience that can add value to any enterprise of any range, size and rank.

Solutions That Brings Companies In Good Shape

SAP Cloud Application Services helps free up enterprise resources so business owners can concentrate on improving business outcomes by supporting application operations and adopting innovation.

Manage Applications
Manage Applications

Application management is a key factor in a business’s ability to innovate. By ensuring that business functions are addressed properly with cutting-edge applications, business process solutions can be evolved and brought to market more quickly, effectively, and at a lower overall cost. When applications are managed effectively, more IT resources are available to concentrate on emerging business challenges and dynamic market issues.


Hyperscale cloud service providers bring global business solutions outsourcing and consulting capabilities to support and enable organizations to migrate, adapt, and build cloud-native offerings. These providers leverage their cloud professionals’ experience and talent to consult on platform re-architecture, application development, data migration, and transitioning services from technology stacks into macro and micro services hosted in a data centre on-premises, private cloud, public cloud (hyper-scale), or any combination.


Hybrid cloud solutions include applications, or their components, such as computing, networking, and storage, when deployed across public and private clouds. On-premises servers are also often referred to as private clouds.

Multi- cloud

A multi-cloud solution is a portable cloud computing solution across multiple cloud providers’ cloud infrastructures. Multi-cloud solutions are typically built on open-source, cloud-native technologies, such as Kubernetes, that all public cloud providers support.


Firstly , it is the most holistic business software integration platform.

Business processes do not run within a single line of business solution; they run across different departments using different solutions. Whether it leads to cash, workforce management, procure to pay, or record to report, these are all going across different solutions, either from SAP or third-party providers.

As companies apply intelligence to these business processes, it becomes even more critical to consider the larger context and have an integrated view across all the assets deployed in a business environment.

We focus so much on SAP Business Technology Platform integration services as the single integrated solution for all SAP-to-SAP and SAP-to-third-party integration purposes. Over 5,000 companies worldwide are using that solution already today.

SAP Business Technology Platform is the best extension platform for any SAP application, whether on-premise or in the cloud.

sap cloud-platform

We have all learned the hard way what it means to over-customise systems (including ERPs). It tremendously slowed down our ability to keep up with the speed of innovation we were delivering and what the market was bringing to life.

We want to be more innovative and more intelligent about this in the future, so let’s add extensions to the applications side-by-side outside the core system. Let’s keep the core clean so companies can keep innovating with us and bring specific extensions to the outside world.

SAP + Cloud + Canarys

SAP + Cloud + Canarys

Embrace Change. Move with Confidence . Achieve Value.

Whether looking for access to the latest SAP® cloud applications or to migrate the existing data and applications to the cloud, creating and executing a plan is challenging. It requires the capacity to comprehend both the objectives of the organization and the ways to carry them out in the context of a business and technological environment that is constantly evolving.

Teaming up with Canarys and our cloud applications and tech-implemented infrastructure can open up a smooth avenue to add some significance. We help companies capture the most value through our uncompromised assistance.

We can help companies explore opportunities through SAP cloud applications, from tracking down the potential for new value to creating a strategic vision to construct the apps required to meet future demands.

End Striving, Start Thriving With Canarys

End Striving, Start Thriving With Canarys

Canarys cloud service strategy provides enterprises with a complete, high-value cloud consulting and delivery platform for specific needs and maximum value.

Collaborating with Canarys SAP Cloud Application Services gives access to a diverse range of solutions for managing operational processes and application logic, data layers, application security, software releases, effectiveness, system integration, and more. By choosing one of our result-driven, investment-worthy solutions or custom offerings, an enterprise can customize its experience.

With Canarys, leverage the facilities of –

  • All-inclusive cloud solution with ongoing application management and predetermined service levels
  • Through constant configuration and improvement of business solutions, the adoption of business innovation can be facilitated.
  • Supporting the establishment and enhancement of IT operational excellence
  • Alert handling, application and integration monitoring
  • Application security operations, test management, and managed SAP release upgrades

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