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Experience a transformative journey with Canarys, your most trusted SAP partner. Taking cues from exemplary industry leaders, we deliver a comprehensive array of services throughout the entire SAP lifecycle, encompassing both on-premise and on-cloud solutions.

Inspired by industry best practices, our transformative initiatives guarantee successful outcomes in legacy modernization, process enhancement, and digital advancement.

From consultation and design to implementation and integration, our customized solutions seamlessly align with industry requirements, providing an accelerated path to value in the dynamic realm of business. We have large clientele worldwide, spread across mostly all the domains and a focus on scalability and innovation. SAP helps you innovate, solve, and simplify business processes—from end-to-end.

Our Solutioning methodology provides ample scope for Scalability for New Processes and Technologies wherever applicable and Possible.

Assess. Upgrade. Transform.

SAP Solutions: Your Business, Our Way

Unlock a new echelon of enterprise potential with our bespoke SAP solutions. We understand that your business is unique, and so are our offerings. Move beyond the conventional – choose personalized excellence that resonates with the specific requirements of your organization.

Hybrid AMS Services

Efficiently bridge on-premise and cloud solutions, ensuring the perfect synergy for your enterprise. We specialize in efficiently bridging the gap, creating a seamless synergy tailored to your enterprise’s unique needs. Our approach ensures that your organization harnesses the best of both worlds, leveraging the stability of on-premise solutions alongside the agility and scalability of the cloud. The Hybrid AMS Services at Canarys guarantee a smooth integration process, empowering your business with enhanced flexibility, cost-effectiveness, and performance.

SAP Solutions on Azure

Take your SAP modernization to the next level with Canarys. Our expertise in SAP Solutions on Azure positions us as the perfect ally to seamlessly migrate your SAP environment to the Azure cloud. Our team of expert SAP specialists understand the intricate nuances of SAP and Azure integration, ensuring a smooth transition that maximizes the benefits of both platforms. Choose Canarys for a transformative partnership that propels your SAP solutions into the future on the Microsoft Azure cloud.

SAP CRM & Customer Experience

Utilize state-of-the-art advancements – your key to delivering seamless and memorable experiences. We help you unlock the full potential of SAP CRM & Customer Experience as we guide you through state-of-the-art advancements, making them your key to delivering seamless and memorable interactions.

Our expertise ensures that your organization leverages SAP’s innovative tools to build strong customer relationships, streamline processes, and enhance overall satisfaction. With Canarys, transform customer engagement into a strategic advantage, utilizing SAP CRM & Customer Experience solutions that align with your business objectives.


Integrate sustainability throughout your complete value chain by embedding it into the core operations of your business. At Canarys, we are committed to weaving sustainability seamlessly into the fabric of our operations, ensuring it becomes an integral part of our entire value chain.

From sourcing raw materials to the delivery of our products and services, we conscientiously embed sustainable practices at every step. Our dedication to environmental responsibility is reflected in our supply chain management, where we prioritize eco-friendly sourcing and ethical manufacturing processes. By incorporating sustainability into our core operations, we not only minimize our ecological footprint but also foster positive social impact.

SAP Analytics

Transform data into your strategic compass for effortless and seamless decision-making and integration. At Canarys, our SAP Analytics service goes beyond transforming data – it serves as your strategic compass, guiding you through the intricate landscape of information to facilitate effortless and seamless decision-making.

Harness the power of SAP Analytics to not only analyze historical data but also predict future trends, enabling you to make informed and strategic decisions. Our integrated approach ensures that data becomes a valuable asset, propelling your organization towards success. With Canarys’ SAP Analytics, unlock the true potential of your data, gaining actionable insights that drive innovation and business growth.


SAP S/4HANA possesses the remarkable power to revolutionize and level up essential corporate functions. At Canary, we embrace transformative initiatives like “RISE with SAP” and “GROW with SAP” to seamlessly integrate advanced solutions that optimize efficiency and drive our growth trajectory.

With the flexibility of Greenfield Deployment, we embark on a tailored implementation, ensuring that SAP S/4HANA aligns seamlessly with our unique needs. Our commitment to excellence extends to Tier 2 ERP Greenfield Deployment, a strategic move designed to empower mid-sized enterprises, unlocking the full potential of SAP S/4HANA. This dynamic platform not only revolutionizes our operations but also positions us for sustained success and competitiveness in today’s ever-evolving business landscape.

SAP Cloudification Services

Seamlessly elevate your operations with our SAP Cloudification Services, forging a path to agile, cloud-powered success. Designed to seamlessly elevate your operations and pave the way for agile, cloud-powered success. With our expert guidance, embark on the RISE with SAP initiative, offering both Greenfield Deployment for new implementations and Brownfield Deployment for optimizing existing landscapes.

Whether you’re venturing into uncharted territories or enhancing your current systems, our services ensure a smooth transition to the cloud, unlocking unparalleled efficiency and innovation.

Trust Canarys to empower your business with cutting-edge SAP solutions, as we celebrate one year of transforming enterprises into future-ready, cloud-driven powerhouses.

Integrate To Proliferate

Canarys Excellence

With 30+ years of expertise, our team is well-versed in harnessing SAP’s potential to propel your business forward. Our approach involves consulting, designing, building, and managing tailored IT and SAP solutions.

From strategic consulting to implementation and ongoing support, we offer end-to-end SAP services. Our agile approach ensures that your SAP solution not only meets current requirements but also evolves with your business. Our goal is to enable compressed transformation with SAP technologies, putting your enterprise on the fast track to total reinvention with global reach and decades of experience.

Our expertise in the areas of Implementations (Green/Brown Field), Support & Migration from Legacy to Cloud or be it ECC to S4HANA, or S4HANA On-Prem to Cloud-was lauded by elite clients belonging to domains like Pharma, Aerospace & Defense, BFSI & Mfg.

We create impact by providing impeccable techno-functional solutions to the Process Changes which can reduce the Costs for the Enterprise.

We commit Solutions to our Clients and not just Services.

Why Choose Us?

  • Proven Track Record: Ensuring success across the SAP lifecycle for 30+ years, we deliver tangible outcomes for your business transformation.
  • Expertise Across Industries: Tailoring SAP solutions to your sector, our deep understanding spans diverse industries for optimal results.
  • Strategic Insights: Accelerate your journey to the cloud with our strategic insights, unlocking rapid value from your investments.
  • Innovation at the Core: Stay at the forefront of the digital landscape as we seamlessly integrate the latest SAP advancements, tools and accelerators to save time and expense.