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Mr. Sheshadri Srinivas

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Sheshadri Srinivas, popularly known as Shesh, is an accomplished leader and seasoned professional with over 25 years of industry experience. An alumni of IIT-Bombay, Shesh has demonstrated exceptional skills in strategy setting, leadership, and business transformation. With a strong focus on both technology and business verticals, he has successfully scaled Canarys Business, created markets, and fostered growth through innovative solutions. Shesh is highly regarded for his ability to mentor leaders and serves as a valued member of advisory boards for large corporations.

Shesh possesses exceptional leadership qualities and is known for his ability to set strategic directions for Canarys. He has a proven track record of driving the company towards success through his visionary thinking and insightful decision-making. He is instrumental in expanding Canarys in North America and APAC regions.

Shesh has transformed Canarys from service-oriented entity to solution-driven organization. He combines his technical expertise with business acumen to develop comprehensive solutions that address customer needs and drive revenue growth. Sheshadri is known for his bold and assertive leadership style. He is not afraid to take calculated risks and make tough decisions to drive growth and achieve organizational goals.

Shesh has successfully scaled Canarys across diverse solutions and regions. His deep understanding of market dynamics, coupled with his strategic vision, enables him to expand operations, penetrate new markets, and drive business expansion.

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