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Introduction to Solution Engineering – GitHub

There is more to Solution Engineering than just delivering a project. Solution Engineering is about identifying where you are in your solution engineering process, and determining where you need to go next.

At Canarys, we believe that a project is nothing without a clear vision and strategic steps. We work with our clients to understand the nature of their problems, then we create a plan for how to solve them. Our team of experts can help you turn your ideas into a reality with state-of-the-art technology, helping you reach your goals faster than ever before.

Introduction to Solution Engineering
Our Solution

Our Solution

We believe that technology should be a powerful tool for your company’s success. That’s why we’re here: to help you innovate and grow

Our dedicated team will work with you every step of the way, from envisioning your project through implementation and beyond. We’ll help guide you through the process of making your idea come true—and we’ll even help you think about how your solution can be used by other people in your organization or industry.

  • Let us assist you from auditing legacy systems to customising your existing platform to developing new platforms; our development and implementation experts ensure seamless and successful implementations.
  • Providing best practices in project management, configuration and customization, data migration, testing and training, our Implementation Services can help you successfully execute our solutions.
  • There’s no better place for engineering advice than here — whatever your requirements are!

Canarys Solution Engineering capabilities

GitHub empowers businesses and organisations to thrive by equipping them to develop better software jointly. We support our fast-growing customer base with pre- and post-sales assistance from our in-house skilled Solutions Engineers.

At Canarys, our knowledgeable GitHub Solutions Engineers are in charge of managing the technical interactions with clients and prospects. They serve as clients’ trusted advisors, helping them to overcome technical roadblocks and find innovative solutions to their SDLC pain points.

With incredibly strong expertise in tech verticals and people-oriented minds, we showcase our passion for delivering quality work to our clients.

Canarys Solution Engineering capabilities

Canarys Framework

To quickly deliver the value we envision, we simultaneously design and engineering solutions with our clients and their specialised units in a professional and reliable partnership model. Our strong principle-centric approach helps enterprises reduce initial complexity and obtain early feedback on the solution.

Product vision and roadmap layout
Product vision and roadmap layout

We assist in doing the groundwork for the client’s vision and transforming it into an action plan for development. We will also analyse the available data at this stage to expedite the project development. Our specialist solution engineers will also determine the key functionalities to implement and use the tech stack—a collection of technologies—to build the project.

Analysing the requirements
Analysing the requirements

During this phase, the following question will be addressed: ‘What does the client need and want to understand the desired business value?’ Functional requirements make it possible to comprehend how the platform will be created and how users will engage with it.

You can rely on us since we also team up structurally with sales and product development to identify and communicate solutions that address customers’ constantly shifting business requirements while considering the platform’s functionalities.

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