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With Canarys DevOps solutions, businesses can utilize the power of intelligent automation that accelerate the software delivery process, maintain quality, and boost operational efficiency due to reduced downtime and automated restorative process.

Being leader in innovation, we have helped SMEs Fortune 500 companies globally for over two decades with our DevOps solutions, right from assessment, planning, integrations, and migration to analytics & monitor, we provide end-to-end solutions to help clients seamlessly adopt DevOps practice.

DevOps Solutions



Ultimate end-to-end and one-stop Dashboard for Azure DevOps. DevOpSmartBoard generates key metrics at the Azure DevOps organization and Project level.

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Canarys Clone Project

Canarys Clone Project is an innovative web service that allows users to duplicate team projects in Azure DevOps organizations. With just a few clicks, you can copy up to 100 work items, including their histories and links, as well as 1 GIT repo, 1 test plan, and 1 pipeline each for build and release.

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Canarys Copy Project

Canarys Copy Project

“Azure DevOps Copy Project” is a web service which copies the team project to another Team Project of Azure DevOps Organization. ADO Copy project copies 100 work items with history and links, 1 GIT repo, 1 test plan and 1 pipeline each – Build and Release.

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Application Digitalization

Canarys RollUp

Canarys RollUp is a web service which runs in the background with the help of trigger based work item events, like work item create and update events.

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