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If you want to operate computing resources in a consolidated and organized manner, virtualization is the magic bullet. You can manage your workloads, automate processes and save money by leveraging existing IT resources. In other words, optimize delivery with effective results.

Some of our key service offerings are listed below:

  • Server Virtualization and Consolidation (Hyper-V, SCVMM)
  • Physical-to-Virtual Migration / Virtual-to-Virtual Migration
  • Virtualization with Microsoft Desktop Optimization pack
  • Remote Maintenance and Technical Support

Server Virtualization and Consolidation (Hyper-V, SCVMM)
We work with your team to examine your existing operations, processes and the potential impact of virtualization and develop a roadmap with recommended actions to consolidate your infrastructure.

Physical-to-Virtual Migration / Virtual-to-Virtual Migration
Converting a set of physical servers to virtual machines (VMs) that run on a reduced number of physical servers can help simplify administrative efforts. Consolidation of virtual machines to centralized high-performance servers also helps lower acquisition costs, enabling organizations to buy fewer physical servers during the next system refresh than they would otherwise.

Virtualization with Microsoft Desktop Optimization pack
Users are increasingly demanding access to their applications and data anywhere and from any device causing new challenges for IT departments. Canarys understands the impact that Desktop and Application Virtualization solutions can have on the entire IT ecosystem. Our Virtualization experts team with expertise in Microsoft Virtualization Technologies will analyze the operational readiness of your enterprise for adopting desktop virtualization. It will later design an optimal virtual desktop environment and ensure timely roll-out and deployment of the solution.

Remote Maintenance and Technical Support
Remote Maintenance and Technical Support Services help businesses manage risks and control costs by reducing total cost of ownership, quick deployments, standardizing support processes and letting the business focus on its core business needs. Our services include monitoring and managing of your organization’s business critical IT infrastructure including servers, databases, Network and Desktop and other critical infrastructure.

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