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Hi All,

In this post, I’d show you the VSTS Area Uploader tool, which helps you to upload the Areas with multiple level from a .csv file to your team project/ multiple team projects.

To start this, browse to VSTS MarketPlace and search for VSTS Area Uploader. You should see the screen as below. Click on 'Get Started' button to start uploading areas to your Team Project.  


When clicked on 'Get Started' button, you will be redirected to VSTS Area Uploader page. Click on 'Sign in with your VSTS Credentials' button to get started.


You can either use your Live ID (outlook, hotmail etc..) or organizational account to login.


After logging in you should click on accept button to proceed further.


From the dropdown, Select the VSTS account which contains the Team Project where you want to upload areas, and click on Continue button.


Select the Team Project from the dropdown, and choose the .csv file which has the areas to upload, and click on Import button.

Click on “Click Here” link to download sample .csv file.


If the file you uploaded is not in correct format, you would get below error. 


Once the csv file with correct format is uploaded, click on 'Import' button. Do not refresh the page until the Area paths are uploaded. 


You can verify the same by clicking the link shown on your screen!


Currently this tool is limited to upload 50 rows and up to 3 levels.  To upload the areas above the specified limit, you can click on I’m Interested button. Our team would contact you and help you for the same.


 For any feedback/suggestion and new feature request and ideas please feel free to comment!

Thank You


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