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VSTS Rollup Service – How to use


          Hi All, Here i'm going to explain How VSTS RollUp Service works and how to use RollUp service in your Team Project.

Once the VSTS Rollup service is created and enabled for your team project, go to the same Team Project and create the work items like Epic, Feature, PBI, Tasks, Bugs. When you Task/Bug enter the value of Original Estimate (for Agile and CMMI) or Remaining Work, Rollup service will trigger.

It will first update remaining and completed work fields for the first time and does the Rollup. Next time when you update the Completed Work field, the Rollup will automatically calculate Remaining Work based on the formula Original Estimate – Completed Work = Remaining Work.

Create Work Items.


Enter the value of Original Estimate, say 20. Save and Close.


Refresh the backlog page, you can see the Rollup value for the parent work items in the Dashboard.


Update the work item where you enter the completed hours, let's say 5. Then click Save and close. Go to Rollup Dashboard you should see the remaining work is automatically calculated and Rollup of the effort fields for all parent items is done.


Add one more work item to the child level and assign the values for effort fields, refresh the page to see the changes.

In the above Rollup Dashboard picture, you can see the effort Rollup from the granular level Task to Requirement, Feature, Epic. This provides effort info at every level which will help to visualize the current situation and predict and take actions accordingly.

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