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Webinar US – Plugging for Cloud, Right or Wrong?

Plugging for Cloud, Right or Wrong?
Cloud computing continues to be one of the most advertising topic in today’s IT, and is increasingly becoming a core concept. The webinar covers the different aspects of Microsoft Azure cloud including:
  • The vast scope of Microsoft Azure cloud and its impact on aspects of IT and business
  • Why Microsoft Azure in particular is unsusceptible to build up than other cloud vendors
  • How to best leverage Microsoft Azure cloud  to drive your IT and digital business strategy

Why you should move to cloud, would be answered in this webinar.

Thank you for attending the webinar!!! We will be posting the recording of the webinar here shortly

Ashish Sharma

Senior Technical Consultant

Date : 11th Feb 2016

Day  : Thursday

Time : 11:30 AM EST

Duration : 1 Hour

Ashish Sharma is a Senior Technical Consultant for Microsoft Azure from Canarys Automations. He has vast experience in the IT industry in various domains. For the past 3 years, he has been consulting for Microsoft Corporation (India) Private Limited for Microsoft Azure.

He has consulted for several major multi-national corporations to help streamline their development processes, implement best practices , enhance predictability and productivity. He has also successfully completed several scaled-out deployments, migrations from On-premises as well as different service providers. He also takes online sessions and in-depth trainings.

Who can benefit out of this webinar?

  • Managers
  • Practise heads
  • Directors
  • VP’s and CXO’s

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