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What is DevOps and why Enterprises are serious about it?


The term DevOps is becoming increasingly familiar as more and more companies are interested in implementing it. The combination of two words, Development and Operations unified the software development culture and practice. The biggest advantage of using DevOps is that it basically helps with performance improvement to create shorter deployment cycles. DevOps creates a better interaction between the development team and the operations team and thus increases the efficiency level.

Let's look at some of the Enterprise DevOps Solutions important aspects.

1. Introducing a whole new concept and culture 

The DevOps has become quite popular since it promotes team effort, rather than the individual task. The increase in consumer expectation for a quality product or service has propelled organizations to look for a viable DevOps service. The percentage of organizations seeking the DevOps services has increased to 17 percent from a mere 10 percent in 2018. One of the reasons for the popularity of DevOps is its innovation agenda. Though initially there may be issues related to its technology and architecture, but it will bring about a long-lasting disruption in your work culture. Please be informed that you need to adopt a whole new protocol and agility, while working on the DevOps projects. Enterprises which have greater flexibility to adopt a new work culture, will find it simpler to work with DevOps.

2. More Savings with DevOps

This is a very important feature of DevOps. It allows business organizations to save a lot of money. It is cost effective software that is based on the work environment. It is a very versatile tool for the testing procedure. The business enterprises can opt for DevOps to curtail their cost and save precious time. The cost is automatically reduced due to swift testing process and product release cycles. You may utilize this money for other business purposes.

3. Enhancement of Architectural Model

Generally, it has been observed that, web and mobile application development follows latest technical trends such as micro services architecture, internet of things and so on. These current trends disrupt the traditional software development life cycle. This makes various management processes quite cumbersome such as deployment and release, source code, etc. Thus if you want to manage disruptions, you can consider DevOps.

4. Tool for Automation

Tooling is an important aspect of automation. DevOps offers a series of tools that makes automation easier than before. A DevOps engineer has a very important task cut out before him in the entire process of software development and automation. He guides the entire development team, while working on an important project, which are the best DevOps tools. The business enterprises gain a lot by aligning the automation processes with DevOps. This helps to release the updates at a quicker pace. This helps the businesses to beat the stiff competition and eliminating the need for manual work. The most striking feature is that the testing of the product can go simultaneously with the process of development.

5. DevOps as an Investment

DevOps can be truly considered as an investment. It is considered as an investment as it offers a speedy delivery of the product and services with assurance of high quality due to automation and cost efficiency.

6. Integrating DevOps with Security Model

These days’ major business organizations are giving preference to the IT hybrid model such as on-site data centers, private and public cloud and domain-based SaaS and PaaS. Assistance from DevOps is very much desirable while dealing with the challenges from hybrid models like managing the release of a varied series of providers and entities.

7. DevOps Intelligence

DevOps are proving to be game changers for businesses as it leads to smart DevOps intelligence like data mining and data churning. DevOps helps business enterprises to take decisions based on data analytics and insights. DevOps do also monitor bottlenecks and check the timing of the release cycle along with getting familiar with the value of each software or product release.


Thus, DevOps has proved a blessing for the business enterprises by helping them to change the work culture and environment for higher productivity. It encourages innovation and brings agility and thereby helping to reach to more audiences. With a pool of certified DevOps experts, Canarys Automations a Microsoft DevOps Gold Partner offers a comprehensive list of DevOps service offerings.

  • DevOps Consulting
  • Build and Release (CI/CD) automation using Azure Pipelines, Jenkins etc
  • Integrating different DevOps toolset to provide end-to-end platform
  • Complete implementation of Azure DevOps platform for Microsoft technologies and OSS
  • Migrations and Upgrades
  • TFS On-premise to Azure DevOps migration

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