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At Canarys, you will get all necessary end-to-end enfolded Analytics and Dashboard solutions to track work progress without cutting maximum time and effort. If you want to install a futuristic tech solution within your business ecosystem, count on Canarys! We aid you in simplifying organisational processes and project management.

An Organisational Level Solution

Azure DevOps is a well-known DevOps platform in the marketplace currently. This futuristic feature-driven platform offers unmatched project management, version control, assemble and release pipelines, and dashboards. However, every good has some drawbacks!

However, one of the limitations of built-in dashboards is that we can only observe details at the project level, not at the organisational level. Many customers have been looking for a solution to gain insights at the DevOps Organization level for a long time. DevOpSmartBoard, hence, comes into play. It is the quickest fix to all dashboard requirements.

An Organisational Level Solution

The following reports are currently available on DevOpSmartBoard:

  • Metrics for DevOps organisations and projects
  • Query work items using various filter combinations and export to Excel.
  • User Audit: count the number of user licences and types, as well as display non-active users (not used Azure DevOps from the last 30 days)
  • Traceability of Tasks from the Epic to the Granular Level
  • The capacity of users across teams and projects
  • Project Condition
  • Organisational reports on Azure Pipelines

What can DevOpSmartBoard do for you?

  • DevOpSmartBoard can quickly provide brief descriptions of your DevOps organisation, such as the number of projects, users, etc.
  • It is simple to locate all the information required for various purposes and by multiple roles in one location, i.e. DevOpSmartBoard.
  • Provides organisational-level metrics, which are currently unavailable in Azure DevOps.
  • Traceability reports from top-level work items to granular-level items, as well as links to commits and bug, test case work items, are beneficial for tracing end-to-end.
  • Azure Pipelines reports across projects and definitions are extremely useful in assisting teams in understanding the metrics of build and release executions and taking corrective actions.
  • Capacity management in Azure DevOps is helpful but limited to a single team view. DevOpSmartBoard aids in visualising capacity details across teams in a project.
  • Managers can use Project Health Reports to identify bottlenecks in project execution quickly, understand behaviour based on trend charts, and take corrective actions.
What can DevOpSmartBoard do for you?

Canarys Expertise At Your Service

Canarys is a leading certified Microsoft DevOps partner and a verified GitHub Partner with decades of experience and expertise. We make end-to-end organization & project level reporting trouble-free with our own built solution ‘DevOpSmartBoard’ dashboard to help you step up the ladder of greater tech structures. Make your plans, strategies, and visions a reality with Canarys!

Easy Project Management, No Missing Deadline!
Easy Project Management, No Missing Deadline!

Get complete visibility into the project pipeline and tasks your team has completed. Keep everyone on the same page and every project on track.

Widespread Insight Embedded With Data
Widespread Insight Embedded With Data

You should plan, execute, and measure every aspect of your software development process. Get all required information under one umbrella by integrating real-time with DevOps enterprise systems.

Canarys is an authorised name for all DevOps and Automation solutions. It now offers the DevOpSmartBoard dashboard/tool as a major offering for companies to track projects from operational and managerial levels.

We have fine-tuned our tech expertise with brilliant minds nestled in our team to maintain consistency in our ever-growing list of clients by optimising dedication and commitment. To experience accessibility, agility, and flexibility in the workforce system, dial us.


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