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Mastering Macros in Confluence


Macros are strong tools in Confluence that let you add interactive elements to your pages. They let you incorporate several kinds of features, like adding interactive components, displaying content in a certain format, and integrating other content. Your Confluence pages’ look and functionality can be substantially improved with macros.

You can see all the macros by navigating as shown below.

Once you click on view more you will see below popup.

I will showcase some of the macros.

Table of contents

Table of contents will list you all the Headings inside a page and this will be helpful to navigate inside a page.

As you click on the heading it will be redirected to that content over the page.

You can use forward slash (/) and “type table of contents” and hit enter.

In the below image you see the table of contents and its editor listing headings from 1 to 6.


Used to add expandable text, if you do not want to show large content you can use this.

If you click over the expand content, then only you will see all the content.


Used to represent a status.

Once you hit enter and you will be able to see the below where you will be able to type anything and give your desired colour.

Widget Connector

Widget Connector is used to embed YouTube videos, Flickr slideshow, twitter streams, Google Docs and other content from the web.

You can provide the website URL and set the pixel width and it will display it over the page.

Once you publish you will be able to play the video over the page and you can also copy the video link from it directly.

Jira Issues

This macro is used to add Jira issues

Once you click over that you will get below popup.

In which we can see Insert Jira issues from- if you are part of multiple sites, you will be able to select one here.

You can select the issues by using Basic or JQL.

Once you select the desired details you will be able to see Insert Issues.

Once you click over insert issues, the values get added to the page as shown below.

You can explore all the Macros from the following link-

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